We decided to form Mobility Scoot because one of the principles was having back problems and, because of that, his legs were becoming weak and he needed a way to become more mobile. Having a one year old dog that loved to walk, he looked for a way to take her for walks and still enjoy being outside. So he did extensive research on mobility scooters. He wanted a more sporty scooter since he is a full time RVer and wanted to get around the various campgrounds. His search led him to four scooters. The four we sell on this website.

If you want a fun scooter to enjoy getting from point A to B (like your RV to the pool), choose the Triaxe Sport Scooters (Sport or Cruze). They are also great for vendors moving around at rallies. The Triaxe comes in a variety of different colors as well.

If you are in need of a true mobility scooter, one that automatically folds or unfolds with the touch of a remote button, check out the Transformer. It is one of the coolest scooters you have ever seen. It comes in three colors.

Finally, If you need a reliable, easy to fold mobility scooter, try the cost effective Mobie Plus. AND you can take the Mobie Plus and Transformer on any airline with the optional, lower power, Lithium Ion battery. Great for all your travel plans. Choose from three colors.

We are a factory direct dealer. We stand by our products because we USE these products. From Fun to Function, we believe you will not find a better scooter for the money, period! Remember we ship, free of charge, to all 48 states.

Our prices also include a one year in-home service plan. If your unit fails, we will come to you to repair it. If there is no close service center, we pay for shipping to and from the factory facility for repair. This is a $99.00 value and you get it just for buying your scooter from Mobility Scoot. Our gift to you!

Contact us by telephone at 910-209-5210. If you prefer e-mail, send any questions or concerns to Mobility Scoot by clicking here.
We will be happy to address your questions.